Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bella's First Sleepover

Bella had her first sleepover on May 14th (yes I am that far behind still). Jordon, from Bella's former daycare, came over and the girls immediately decided to dress up. All three girls got along, except Becca was very upset that she had to go to her room to sleep by herself. At about 10:30 I had to sit in Bella's bedroom for a little while so that Jordan and Bella could fall asleep. In the morning they enjoyed a special treat of cartoons and cereal on the couch.

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's day was really nice. Todd and the girls made breakfast for me. We went to church, and then I made lunch for my momma.

I have tried to get a picture of me and the girls every mother's day. 

It is somewhat satisfying to hear my dad say that I am a good cook. He is a much more, shall we say, discerning food connoisseur. 

Everyone enjoying lunch.

The girls have discovered how to take pictures on my phone. It can entertain them for several minutes at a time. Here is one with me getting in on the action.

Another trip to the Arboredum

The girls and I have found that our day goes by quickly when we plan something to do in the morning. So the arboredum has become a nice place for us to go. They change it up with the seasons so it is fun to go back several times a year. Having pretend tea is a favorite thing of the girls. They make some of the best tea or coffee - some examples would include chocolate, almond, oatmeal coffee and peanut butter tea.

Mema's Easter Visit

It has become an annual tradition that Mema and Grandpa visit during Easter. This Easter was no different, and the girls really enjoyed the visit. Bella likes to know exactly how many days they will be staying so that she can keep the countdown going. Making sugar cookies when Mema visits has also become a tradition. If fact, recently we went to decorate a cupcake and Bella asked the guy behind the counter, "Is that buttercream frosting?" Thanks Mema.
Cookie making is always messy. Good thing she has an apron.

Mema also got to attend the Kindermusik class with Becca and me. Becca loves kindermusik, so it was nice that she was able to share this time with Mema.
All the girls listening to storytime.

Mema is a good sport and is shaking her tail feathers like a duck.
 We also attended a Ranger game whle Grandpa and Mema were here. It was a hot Good Friday and we were in the sun for the first half of the game. But it was fun.

We come prepared!

Look, even the cousins like playing with beanie babies.

Bella and Mema bonded over crafts. They did several peg crafts. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Bella or Mema. In fact Mema enjoyed it so much, she bought additional supplies.

Easter Hunts

Getting a hug from the Easther Bunny
Riding the train at the Mom's Club Easter Hunt

On the hunt at in the church playground

The Northlake preschool Easter egg hunters.

Apparently, you have to wear shades to hunt eggs in your own backyard. 

Hunting for eggs is always fun with the cousins. Who cares that they take most of the eggs.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Obligatory Bluebonnet Picture

Every spring I see the bluebonnets and think, oh I need to get a picture of the girls in the bluebonnets, but inevitablly, in my quest to find that perfect, beautiful, convenient spot, the bluebonnets would begin to fade before I would find that spot. So this year I was bound and determine to be a good mother, and get that Texas Bluebonnet Picture! FAIL. It appears I waited too long again to get a good one, even with all the extra time of a SAHM. So these are the pictures I had to settle for. Oh, well, there is always next year. Wouldn't want to knock everything off my list at once. (note Becca's bangs).

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mommy and Me

While I wasn't as anxious to keep up with Mommy school I was anxious to knock out all the activities I'd been missing. All the museum mommy and me days. All the holiday special events. So we started with the Dallas Arboretum. Since it was still spring when I declared it summer vacation, the girls had to wear shirts under their sundresses. Grammy went with us, and we had a picnic lunch on the big lawn. There was also a petting zoo. All in all, a fun day. And everyone went home and took a nap, including Grammy and Mommy.

Next on the list was the Science Museum and Children's Museum. Also a good time. And we also packed a lunch and enjoyed it at Fair Park. There was also a dinosaur exhibit that was a lot of fun.